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As a Frameline member, you’re a part of our greater effort to create a more accepting world through the power of our stories. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped to change the world with innovative programs that bring our history and stories to audiences in the Bay Area, LGBTQ+ youth nationwide, and online viewers across the globe.

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Stories are what connect and bind us together. They affirm our shared humanity, and provide guidance, hope, and inspiration even among challenging times. Membership is vital to our work in creating lasting impact today and for the future of LGBTQ+ people everywhere. There are stories yet to be told. Your membership today ensures that audiences will see them.

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Explorer - 24 and Under (Must present Valid ID) - $0.00

(ages 14-24 only; Frameline will plan to contact Explorer enrollees for age verification)

Friend Discount - $45.00

(full time students with valid ID, seniors (65+), and persons with disabilities; Frameline will plan to contact new Friend Discount enrollees for verification)

Friend - $70.00

Friend Dual - $135.00

Supporter - $200.00

Patron - $500.00 (Pledgeable: $41.67 per month)

Benefactor - $850.00 (Pledgeable: $70.84 per month)

Visionary - $1,650.00 (Pledgeable: $137.50 per month)

Visionary Star - $3,000.00 (Pledgeable: $250.00 per month)

Visionary Director - $5,250.00 (Pledgeable: $437.50 per month)

Luminary - $10,000.00 (Pledgeable: $833.34 per month)
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